Among the 57 ancient Hebraic communities of Sicily you can find Calascibetta, where one of them had settled till 1492. Our B&B locates in the core of the ancient Hebraic area, between Rome St. (previously “borough street” from the hebrews’ borough) – which is the main street of our town and near the central square – ; And Faranna St. – which was just the centre of that borough – nearby you can find Giudea St. with some traces of past hebraic dwellings – on top of the town, the medieval area, stands the royal palatine church (1340). The 2nd royal chapel of the ancient Sicilian reign. Remarkable the caves in “jail road”. Goethe named this palace in the diary of his Italian tour: he praised their “very panoramic position like an amphitheater, on a rock riddled with carves”.

Our town, together with the realmese necropolis and the byzantine village nearby, forms one of the tourist routes of rupestrian Italy, recommended by the european agency in Rome “Camminare nella storia” (Trailing along history), dedicated to international academic mobility. Along the 7 routes of Sicily mentioned by this prestigious agency, the troglodytic trail just stands out: rupestrian vestiges on the paths in the countryside.